The inspiration for LOVE CHENI came from Jane Nguyen's personal quest for wellness.  Jane struggled with her weight growing up.  She thought of herself as being over weight because both her brother and sister were slender.  Nicknamed "chubby baby" by her family, overtime she became very insecure about her self image.  She tried many different diet pills and weight loss programs but nothing seemed to work.  Like many of you, Jane went through phases of losing weight and gaining weight.  She was desperately trying to find a solution.

One day, a close friend had a heart to heart conversation with her and told her to stop feeling sorry for herself, to stop complaining and to start believing in herself.  She knew he was right and that she had to make some big changes in her life if she wanted to be happy.  So with a little encouragement from her friend, she got a part time job at Lululemon and Barry's Bootcamp, where she was surrounded by passionate, intelligent, energetic and inspirational people.  This gave her the motivation to achieve her goals.  Jane began to read books on health and nutrition, watch motivational videos, practice yoga and meditate daily.

After two months of changing her eating habits, drinking organic green tea, using essential oils, working out everyday and meditating, she finally found the secret to living a HAPPY LIFE!  She now lives an active and healthy lifestyle.  She discovered her true passion was to help people feel healthy and beautiful.  Jane started her own beauty boutique where she has dedicated her life to LOVE CHENI, to enhance people's lives by motivating them to be Carefree, Healthy, Exquisite, Natural and Inspirational!